By Law

World Association of Young Artists (WAOYA), a government approved nonprofit organization, was created with the help of volunteers, teachers and parents. Members of the organization are 6 to 17 years old. WAOYA seeks to share our passion for art with aspiring young artists around the globe, as well as promote collaboration and leadership qualities among students. One of our greatest goals is to organize and carry out events that positively impact the community through the power of art.

1. Name of the association: World Association of Young Artists (WAOYA).
2. Nature: Non-profit organization registered with the United States and other nations.
3. Objectives: Art education and public service. By offering quality art education to the general public including low-income families and impoverished regions, the association wishes to enrich the lives of future generations and to inspire others to engage in public service through art.
4. Organization:
4.1 All staff serving the World Association of Young Artists, the president, officers and council members included, is to be elected by members.
4.2 A board of directors is to plan and manage the association.
4.3 An academic committee is to be in charge of art direction.
4.4 A team of volunteers is to comprise members and their parents/guardians, involving families of all ages.
4.5 A consulting committee is to comprise established individuals dedicated to youth development and betterment.
4.6 As needed, officers can be assigned to assist young artists in getting a head start in their development.
4.7 Headquarters and branches: our headquarters is in Silicon Valley, California, U.S.A. Branches or liaison offices are to be established worldwide, with respective regulations in place.
5. Members: All with a passion in art under age 17 who have achieved Level 2 or above are eligible for membership. Members must abide by regulations, actively participate in association events, appreciate the fellowship and honor obligations such as fees and dues. Those age 18 and above with consistently exemplary performance may become honorary members upon approval. Honorary members are similar to TA’s who are to set an example for other members. Those who have achieved Level 1 may apply to be on our standby list and enjoy member benefits.
6. Purpose:
6.1 To train and develop members and officers and to reward members with exceptional performance
6.2 To inspire enthusiasm in art and to acknowledge progress by certification from a critique committee collaborating with other institutions worldwide.
6.3 To organize a variety of art-related events including competitions, exhibits, publishing, visits, exchange, field trips and live drawings, etc.
6.4 To provide courses and seminars.
6.5 To organize events in communities that could use art and public service.
6.6 To send instructors and honor students to less privileged regions to volunteer in art education.
6.7. To set up WAOYA special funds for the purpose of scholarships and grants in art education.
7. Funding:
7.1 To vie for the sponsorship of various foundations of gravitas.
7.2 Donations.
7.3 Membership fees and dues.
7.4 Proceeds from training courses and other events.
8. Member obligations, rights and treatment:
8.1 Members are to abide by WAOYA regulations and to have the right to elect and be elected to office.
8.2 Members are prioritized in participating in WAOYA events.
8.3 Members may participate in the association’s competitions, exhibits, publishing projects, etc. either at a discount or free of charge.
8.4 Those admitted into the association are to be certified Level 2 or above.
8.5 Low income families are eligible to receive aid from our special funds.
8.6 Members and volunteers who excel will receive recognition and awards.
9. Amendments and referenda WAOYA reserves the right to revise the decree as needed.
Revisions are to be reviewed and approved by the Council and passed with a majority vote by the Board.